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Managed FX Accounts 

Where is my money? 
Your deposit and funds will be held at  HSBC United Kingdom with your account number.  The clearing house City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd. will confirm the orders on the platform.  The Limited Power of Attorney allows the trader, EMCFX, to manage your individual account only.

Can I withdraw my money?

Yes, you can withdraw your funds at anytime.  
Is my capital protected?
City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and is bound by their rules and regulations in the conduct of its trading business. City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd is authorized by the FSA to hold client money and client assets.  City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd registration number 232015 and you can learn more about our regulatory status by clicking on the link below and then entering the number in the search field.

How can I see the activity on my managed account?

Each client will be issued  a read-only login. This login will allow the client to log into an City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd to be able to view the live rates and generate reports.

Can I talk to the forex fund manager? 

Yes, once your account has been opened and funded with EMCFX you will receive free consultation by a forex fund manager. 

To receive consultation services without opening an account you must click below on Pay Now and go through PayPal to talk to a forex fund manager. Our forex fund manager will answer your questions by phone or email.


EMCFX Forex Consultation Fee

Please contact us if you have any questions at sales@emcfx.com.

Why invest with EMCFX?
We offer both high net-worth individual and financial institution an opportunity to higher risk and reward ratio from our knowledgeable and experienced forex fund manager.  A managed forex account allows you to take a disciplined approach to the forex market.  

At EMCFX, we provide the peace of mind of a trading strategy with the hands on approach you seek in a forex portfolio. Your fund manager is committed to researching, monitoring, and trading your account.

Can you show a  performance or track record?
No.  Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, as returns may vary according to market conditions.

What is the minimum initial investment?
Option 1: 
Mini Account  
$50,000 | up to 200:1 Leverage* | Approx. Pip value $1

Option 2: 
Standard Account 
$200,000 | up to 100:1 Leverage* | Approx. Pip value $10